We create strong strategies, intentional identies, and exceptional experiences.

We help you determine where you want to take your business and map out how to get you there. We’ll define your customers, clarify your voice, and nail your goals through strategic branding.

Discovery & Strategy

This is where we dig in, get to know your brand, establish what sets you apart from the competition, and set your brand’s direction. We’ll meet in-person and develop a strategy for your brand that you can run with. All branding work with us must begin with one of these two packages:


In the small dive, we meet in-person and set your brand's direction by getting to know your brand and what sets you apart. We also take a look at what sets you apart and why your customer should care.


  • 4 Hour In-Person Workshop
  • Ideal Customer Deep Dive
  • Brand Positioning
  • 30k Foot View
  • Goals and Prioritization
  • Competition Audit
  • PDF recap of our workshop
  • Stylescape

THE DEEP DIVE - $2,500

All the benefits from The Shallows, but with added benefit from features that will set your messaging and voice apart. This is an in-person facilitated workship where we set your brand's direction by getting to know your brand and what sets you apart and why your customer should care. We also take a deepr look at who your client is and how to market to them.


  • Two 4 Hour In-Person Workshops
  • Ideal Customer Deep Dive
  • Brand Positioning
  • 30k Foot View
  • Goals and Prioritization
  • Competition Audit
  • PDF Recap of Our Workshop
  • Stylescape
  • Copywriting
    • Core Messaging
    • 3 Tag Lines
  • Customer Experience Funnel
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape

Identity & Branding

After completing one of our Discovery packages, you’ll be eager to see our strategy come to life. Well, you can! Stick with us and let us build out your brand. Our seasoned creatives will get to work and we’ll provide you with all of the beautiful design elements you need to stand out from your competition.


Common Deliverables Can Include:

  • Logo Identity
  • Brand Name
  • Messaging
  • Brand Guideline
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Physical Displays
  • Custom WordPress Website

View some selected identity projects here.


Expert Brand Strategy at Your Fingertips


Sometimes you just need a second pair of eyes, now you can have ours! Well, kind of. If you aren’t quite ready to hand your project over to a designer, but could use some guidance, this is the consultation for you! You’ll receive an invoice to be paid before the date of our call. Easy as that!


  • One Hour Zoom Call


Want a strategic designer on speed dial? This is the option for you. Get Zoom consultations at no additional cost and forget the package prices, don’t worry about hosting or managing your website, we’ll do it all! This is great for those who want to be hands-off in the long run and leave the maintenance to our team. Inquire below to start the conversation. We’ll look over all of the moving pieces and come to a flat monthly rate that makes sense.

The Process



We’ll kick things off with a 15 minute introductory call. This begins a short, get to know each other period where we’ll learn about your project and determine if we’re a good fit based on scope, timeline, budget, and general vibe. Brand identity can become very personal and getting along usually helps the process run smoothly. If it turns out that we're not a great fit, that's okay! I'm always happy to send the referral to someone in my network who might be a better fir for the project.



This is where we get down in the mud together, roll up our sleeves, and put in some overtime. We’ll do some digging of our own, but we’ll be asking you some tough questions about your business so that we can identify your ideal client and analyze how to target them. Then, we’ll work with you to make important decisions about overall message, style, and direction of your brand.



Now we come up with a plan based on our goals and priorities  explored in the discovery phase. We'll put together a road map of how to implement effective actions to rocket your company towards priority goals and milestones.



This is the fun part. After our strategy is formulated, we’ll get to work on drafting all deliverables – think color palettes, fonts, logos, icons, artwork for print, a website – set in the design contract. We’ll keep in touch throughout this phase to ensure we remain on the same page and continue to work towards the same goals.



By this time, all deliverables have been reviewed and approved and your brand is ready for liftoff. When you launch, you’ll have everything you need to continue sourcing any future needs you might have, like flyers, advertisements, etc. All deliverables are in your hands and all invoices are paid. This is the part where we high five. No, it’s not negotiable.

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